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Wine Investment
Wine Investment

Wine Investment

Fine Wine - A New Investment Paradigm

Investing in wines may seem like a daunting task for any individual with little or no prior experience with wines. Even for a wine enthusiast or collector, drinking and investing may not always be the same.

In the past, wine investment has been relatively inaccessible and unknown as an asset class to most individuals. In recent times, wine investment has been gaining traction but is still often perceived as an elusive asset reserved for the wealthy due to its high capital outlay or barriers to entry.

Wine investment has consistently proved itself as an alternative asset class that offers outstanding long-term investment returns and is often used as a hedge or diversification tool to protect wealth. It has also outperformed global market indexes and commodities over the past 30 years.

Similar to wine itself, fine wine returns become better with time. As consumption increases over time, the market tightens and access to fine wines becomes less attainable. This sets the stage for higher returns on your investments.

Being wine investors ourselves and having reaped the benefits from fine wines yearly growth, we would like to help you get started too. 

Factors Leading to Fine Wine's Strong Investment Performance:

  • Production Is Limited

    Production is generally fixed and cannot be expanded due to land scarcity, strict quality control and government regulations.

  • Declining Global Supply

    As a result of its limited production, the fine wine market is structurally in shortage. There is also an increasing consumption rate due to shifting consumer preferences and greater desirability for wines as vintages age.

  • Rising Global Demand

    Global import volume of wine has risen at an average of 5.77% annually over 10 years. There is also an increase in fine wine’s appreciation and collection over the past decade. 

  • Prices Are Constantly Rising

    Wineries raise prices in the long run as they invest into new technology to improve quality. Prices are also inevitably driven up as supply is limited, with increasing demand and inflation. 

  • Age Worthiness

    An investable asset which develops in complexity and flavour as it ages, increasing its desirability and value. 

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