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Riedel Decanter Curly Clear

  • $490.00

Material: Fine crystal
Type Of Manufacturing: Hand-made
Volume: 1400 ccm
Height: 265 mm
Box Quantity: 1
Item No.: 2011/04S1

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The coils and curvature of the Curly decanter helps to charge and aerate wine. The twists of the decanter form a soft and playful spiral, with a closed “tail end” and wider spout for easy pouring. This decanter has been handmade, meaning each piece is slightly unique.

This decanter is designed for a single bottle of wine.

This pack contains a single piece. This product is handmade. Please handwash only.

The RIEDEL Bottle Cleaner cannot be used with this product as they can become lodged and unable to remove.


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