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About Us
About Us

About Us

Our Story

Wine Paradigm is founded by a group of passionate wine enthusiasts and investors. We seek to curate the best of fine wines and shift perspectives on wine as an alternative investment.

Being exposed to the world of fine wine while growing up, our founder had the privilege to taste fine wines from around the world. He decided to make this journey his own and pursued the WSET Level 2 & 3 courses in Wines, which further cemented his interest and passion. 

At around the same time, the desire to diversify his investment portfolios from the financial markets sparked the beginning of his own wine investment journey. 

While mistakes were made, there was always something to learn. Yet the potential of the fine wine market, its arbitrage opportunities, and strong historical returns remained evident. Furthermore, the benefits of wine investment were twofold - it either appreciated in value or on our taste buds. 

What began as a passion turned into a business that we now truly believe in. This led to the birth of Wine Paradigm.



What We Believe In

At Wine Paradigm, we seek to bring a paradigm shift to your investments and wine purchases. 

We believe wine investment should be accessible to all. By lowering the high barriers to entry, you can now reap the benefits of wine investment. 

We also understand how choosing and purchasing wine on retail or at a restaurant can be intimidating and sometimes stressful. Let us add value to your purchases and share our love for all things wine. 

Wines sold at Wine Paradigm are specially curated and are wines we drink ourselves. We don’t sell what we won’t recommend, nor do we want a one-off purchase. Instead, we prefer a relationship that’s built on trust. 

Join us on this oenological journey and we will ensure no one or wine is left behind!